Sea foams created by the agitation of seawater, particularly when it contains higher concentrations of dissolved organic matter (proteins, fats, dead algae).  As the seawater is churned by breaking waves in the surf zone adjacent to the shore, the presence of these surfactants under turbulent conditions traps air, forming persistent bubbles which stick to each other through surface tension. 
She woke on her own; she didn’t know where she was : that was not her home.
“I could hear them howling from afar
 saw them rushing to your car”
It was so dark outside and inside; apparently she looked so scared and out of space.
“In a moment all went screaming wild
Until the darkness killed the light”
“I remember running to the sea
The burning houses and the trees
I remember running to the sea
Alone and blinded by the fear”
Now everything is coming so clear, she felt it in her chest
“And the river flows beneath your skin
Like savage horses kept within”
while she was sleeping she found suddenly her self between us. She’s not from here: she was born by the touch of a stardust and the sea 
“And all is wasted in the sand
Like breaking diamonds with your hand “
“Remember falling to my knees
I remember gliding off the shore
Until I touched the ocean floor”
She talked to me asking for help but I’m completely dazed by her shimmer
I show her the sea
She recognizes her home and she disappeared as fast as she arrived
All is left is wasted in the sand.

Styling: A. Luca Migliaro
Model: Benedetta D'Angelo

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