“Natsukashii” is an untranslatable Japanese word.
It refers to that situation when you are walking down the street and you suddenly watch a shop window and say “Oh! I had that toy when I was a child!” and… this warm you up.
That’s what I wanted to recreate by shooting these 3 friends of mine (which are 3 years younger than me): that happy, melancholy nostalgia about childhood, when worries were less and time seemed infinite; when you faked to be sick to stay home from school and passed all day watching TV and playing videogames (in my case); or staying out all day with your friends, jumping on the roof, drawing, masquerading like cartoon’s character to fake to be someone else… like Tommaso, Matteo and Leonardo!
They are 3 little angels, learning to fly with their foot on the ground.
This is part of my project about untranslatable words, which include the word “Komorebii” and “Wabi-sabi”. I’m fascinated about the power of photography to tell a story without using words: that’s my goal when I shoot: to show the stories I have in my mind. I shot this project in film, and maybe this influenced my point of view. 

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