Wabi Sabi is a project based on this untranslatable Japanese world which means: wabi(侘) ‘simple’ and sabi (寂) ‘old’, something that is getting older but has a story to tell. So, in the Japanese aesthetic this world view bring us to accept that the earth’s beauty is impermanent, imperfect, and that’s what makes it special. First of all, me and my best friend Luca Migliaro (the stylist) were deeply inspired by two friends of ours, Bruna and Marcella, and their pale and delicate colours. We just figured that the location could be a hill in our hometown, Agropoli, because there was, unfortunately, a massive fire. Basically we wanted to emphasise the living nature, colours, purity and the youth in a dead place.
35mm film
Photographer: Chiara Cappetta
Stylist: A. Luca Migliaro
Models: Bruna Di Dato & Marcella Galardo
MUA: Miriam Cirillo

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